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Maxtime has very few requirements in order to work which makes it the ideal time and attendance solution suitable for medium to large businesses from any sector, industry and background. 

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Healthcare & Charity

The care industry has very strict regulations, such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC), of which creates an environment of incredible pressure to gather and store adequate records of all the data, daily processes and practices.

One of the many ways in which Maxtime can alleviate some pressure, is that it keeps and accurate record of your workforce all stored securely on the cloud.

Customised  report can be created using this data, and be used to show exactly the information you need at just a click of a button. Helping organisations reach the ‘Outstanding’ rating for all their exceptional effort and ensuring that quality service is not overlooked.  

Retail & Consumer

From full-time, part-time, to weekend and seasonal staff all working across multiple locations, we understand it can be difficult to keep an eye on all your employees behaviours in the retail sector.

The Maxtime software helps keep track of your employees attendance, holidays, sick days and clocking behaviours, and no matter how big your business gets and how many more locations you grow to, the system is completely scalable and will grow with you and your demands. 


Hospitality & Leisure

Planning ahead, forecasting busy periods and ensuring there is always the right amount of staff on each shift is the key of running a successful organisation in the customer facing industry.  

The systems scheduler platform operates a simple drag & drop function, whereby rotas are created dynamically against pre-set budgets by the user. 

This smart rota creation ensures that the business will never run risk of overspending on weekly labour, enabling businesses to be proactive with their budgets and remain within their allocated allowance. 

Manufacturing & Warehouse

Eliminate the risk of ‘buddy punching’ amongst workers as the Maxtime software uses biometric terminals to authorise clocking in and out with the each employees own registered fingerprint.

Transport & Logistics

Maxtime tracks and stores accurate records of all your employees behaviours across multiple sites and locations, even when you can’t be around to monitor them.

Whether your employees work nights, early mornings or weekends, the software helps monitor all your employees clocking behaviours so you are always paying for actual time worked.

Lateness and non-shows will be flagged by the system and shifts will not authorised for payroll, eliminating any fraudulent clocking between staff and increasing money saved. 

“We actively began the move from time-sheets to Maxtime around mid 2017 when our payroll costs were escalating month by month by an unsustainable amount.” Select Lifestyles

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