Maxtime’s partnership with Community Integrated Care (CIC)

Community Integrated Care (CIC) is a national social care charity which provides care and support to thousands of people across England and Scotland. They deliver life-enhancing support to people with a diverse range of care, including ones suffering with dementia, learning difficulties and age-related needs.

“We chose Maxtime for their innovation. Even after the demo and initial set-up, the system was massively configured to best suit the processes we conducted our business with.”


Following internal business reviews, it became apparent that a more adequate procedure had to be implemented in order to manage their continuous demands and substantial growth. 

It became a necessity as their regional managers and managers alike, felt that completing the daily administrative duties were taking over a large portion of their days, and left them with little time spare to fulfil their other duties. 


Originally, CIC used time consuming processes to manage their workforce, which included time-sheets, paper-rotas and other admin heavy methods.

They felt that there wasn’t a huge amount of visibility for regional managers and they also felt that a lot of time was being wasted up the chain, gaining adequate oversight of the company that they required. 

“Before Maxtime we used to react to problems, but now, with the system in place we have the ability to move away from working retrospectively and that’s a big advantage for us. Maxtime lets us be proactive and influence our budgets before they happen.”

Live budgets

Before Maxtime, CIC would react to problems with their budgets, but now they are able to be more proactive as they can view live budget information for the upcoming week – giving them visibility they need whilst also giving them the ability to begin forward planning. 

CIC felt that, one of the main benefits they experinced from day one with the Maxtime software, was that everyone’s time had been saved across the board.

From front-end staff, to the regional managers, thanks to the dynamic scheduling and absence manager and the vast reporting capabalities, everyone had more time free to fulfil their actual duties.

All the staff now spend less time behind a desk catching up on paperwork, and spend more time caring. 

CIC’s benefits from forming a partnership with Maxtime:

  • Accurate budget information, better planning and reduction of overspend
  • Time released for front line managers to concentrate on service delivery instead of admin
  • Reduction in payroll queries and staff pay errors and corrections
  • Better visibility and management of staff contracted hours
  • Can see where services need to recruit to deliver commissioned hours
  • Ability to ensure staff are on shift when and where they are meant to be
  • Better reporting on adherence to safe working practices and working time directive
  • Better reporting for commissioners on actual hours of delivery

“Maxtime were flexible and responsive to our needs, they were very open to visiting different sites and taking part in discussions. We formed multi-disciplinary teams from within the organisation which helped to understand and work through issues that the different service types faced with different solutions. We were able to carry out live problem solving and adapt the infrastructure to meet everyone’s need.” 

Want to see Maxtime in action?

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