Employee management software with a ‘no one size fits all’ approach

Maxtime consolidates and streamlines all your processes and gives you a centralised location to access all your employee data. The software is highly configurable, and is completely tailored to fit into your business, not the other way around.

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Shift work made easy! Our platform is completely user friendly, smart and feature rich. Find everything you will ever need on our rota interface to create dynamic schedules – in minutes.

  • Effortless employee scheduling software that saves hours
  • Drag and drop shift function that helps you effortlessly change weekly schedules
  • Easily replicate rotas week by week to increase time saved


Overspending is a thing of the past! Maxtime delivers to-the-second budget reports that give you complete control of all your expenditure. 

  • Dynamic cost features that show you the exact cost of weekly labour
  • Real-time attendance information so wages are calculated on known and accurate data
  • Schedules are created against pre-set budgets, giving you the ability to forecast the upcoming weeks labour costs and helping you never run risk of going over budget again

Time & Attendance

Improve accuracy to increase workforce productivity! Maxtime gives you insights into employee behaviours that could be costing your business money. 

  • Lateness and patterns in absences are easily spotted, giving you the ability to take control of any issues before they become costly
  • State-of- the-art biometric clocking systems that deliver accurate employee time reports
  • Remote workers can clock-in through the mobile app, with GPS location, so you know exactly which location they are clocking-in from

Payroll Integration

Payroll that takes care of itself! Accuracy will alleviate all your payroll-related nightmares, whilst simultaneously skyrocketing business savings. Maxtime and your existing payroll provider work harmoniously to manage everything for you, without you lifting a finger.

  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing payroll provider
  • ‘Human errors’ are eliminated as there is no need to manually input data
  • Increase your payroll departments efficiency by allowing them to re-capture lost time previously spent processing payroll

Biometric Clocking

Bringing the future to you! State-of-the-art biometric clocking machines that use fingerprint recognition to clock in and out.

  • No more added costs on replacing lost clocking cards and fobs
  • Prevents any fraudulent clocking as employees can only clock in using their own fingerprint
  • Undetected frequent small over payments will be a thing of the past as actual time worked is actual time paid


Comprehensive reports that bring you clarity! Maxtime generates to-the-second business analytics that deliver detailed insights into your workforce such as timekeeping statistics, attendance, budget and patterns in absences.

  • Extensive reporting library that gives you added insight into employee activities as well as budget control
  • Real-time reporting so you can start preventing rather than reacting
  • Specialised reports can be used to highlight compliance issues, such as employees close to exceeding their legal working hours

“Because the software is head office based we don’t have to spend time chasing time-sheets. Instead, thanks to the creation of our own bespoke report, we can have all the details which we used to have on time-sheets in the click of a button.” Select Lifestyles

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