We create life-long business partnerships

We make sure that you are as much of a great fit for us, as we are for you. Our completely transparent sales approach, along with the extraordinary team behind the Maxtime software is why we are always creating successful, life-long partnerships with our customers. 

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Our ‘no one size fits all’ approach

Maxtime is the only workforce management software on the market that is completely configured and adapted to best suit the user. 

The reason why we do this, is because we understand that no two businesses are the same.

Our software will effortlessly fit into your business, streamlining the processes you already have in place causing little disruption. 

We listen to you

The idea behind forming partnerships with each our customers is so we are able to get to know you, your business and get to really understand what your specific needs are.

We ask all the right questions, and most importantly, we listen to every single detail you decide to tell us.

Armed with a wealth of inside knowledge on your business and practices, we aim to make a product which performs exactly the way you need, and this way, you are able to get the most out of it from as soon as day one. 

“Even after the demo and initial set-up, the system was massively configured to best suit the processes we wanted to conduct our business with.” Community Integrated Care

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Meet the Maxtime team 

Lee Gorle

Steve Gorle

pete naylor
solutions consultant

ian moore
head of development

sean szabo
support manager

adam taylor
Product support specialist

Andy Palmer

Adam Preece

Bradley Fisher
Software Developer

Joshua Chumber
Software Developer

Jonathan Edwards

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