Maxtime welcomes THREE new developers!

Left to right: Brad, Johnny and Josh

As we continue to get deeper into what’s becoming an exciting year for the company, the team at Maxtime has been expanded. Everyday the development team has been working on the realisation of the new Version 7, which is set for release during the summer.

Version 7 is a full re-design of the software, along with the modernisation of working procedures within it. The excitement that the new version is causing around the office is palpable, however, it was becoming a gargantuan task for the existing members of the development office.

Version 7 promised to continue increasing in difficultly, leading the management team to decide to procure more talent. Decision made, search begun. Two months later, Maxtime is proud to announce that the development team has expanded! And not just by one new developer, nor two, but THREE!

Maxtime has welcomed Bradley Fisher, Joshua Chumber, and Jonathan Edwards in their new roles. Both Bradley and Joshua join the team as experienced developers, having cut their teeth with previous companies and projects. While the lead developers here at Maxtime are excited to provide a first-class learning experience for our new apprentice Jonathan.

That’s enough about us, let’s get to know the recruits!

Bradley has joined as a software developer who specialises in Angular 8+, Typescript/Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Bradley joins the team with two years of experience in developmental roles under his belt and is keen to implement his knowledge into the system.

Outside of work, Bradley enjoys spending time with his family, going to the gym, gaming, and archery. Hopefully, he doesn’t get too frustrated while working. Otherwise, there might be arrows sticking out of all the computers before the release date!

Joshua also joins the team as a software developer, having been an apprentice applications developer with a focus towards frontend development using Javascript frameworks such as Angular and React in his previous role.

Josh’s remit is to develop the companion mobile app for Version 7, allowing for a ubiquitous Maxtime experience. In his spare time, Josh enjoys a side project developing a social media application with a niche focus on car enthusiasts.

Last but not least, our apprentice Johnny has joined the team. Johnny formerly attended King Edward VI College, Stourbridge, but decided it wasn’t for him. Instead, he opted to pursue a career in software development and began looking for apprenticeships shortly after.

Johnny’s current task is to develop a touch-screen product to track employee shifts as well as provide them with the opportunity to alter some personal information. In his spare time, Johnny is a keen musician, developing his skills in both piano and guitar! Will we see him on Britan’s Got Talent? Only time will tell.

Exciting times lie ahead, and we can’t wait to share them with you! Keep an eye on our social media channels along with the website to begin seeing updates on our progress as we move towards the next phase of time and attendance management software.

Welcome to the team, guys! We’re glad to have you!

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