Welcome to a tour of Maxtime’s brand new space

Welcome all, to the tour of our very own new company digs.

We’re super excited to share this news with you. We really wanted our office space to reflect the new Maxtime brand and fresh company culture, and I think we’ve managed to achieve just that.

It hasn’t all been this glamorous, though. We’ve had plenty of moments sat next to sky high stacks of boxes, old furniture crammed into the FD’s office (out of sight out of mind for the rest of us!) and endured our fair share of fresh-paint induced headaches. Ouch.

The idea was to create a space that our team and our guests wanted to be, whether they were working hard or just spending some time together chilling out.

Our reception area – the first point of contact in our building – where both our visitors and staff walk by daily, is where the initial renovations started to take place.

We knew that it was important to create a space that was not only fully equipped to quench all our thirsts and tend to all our stomach rumbles, but that was also clean and fresh and somewhere we’d be proud for ‘outsiders’ to see.

As you know, we’re a software company, so most of us spend hours on end engrossed in code, CSS and every kind of software related lingo you can think of – which sometimes means spending extremely long nights fixing bugs (so they’re gone before anyone can notice), and come super early to do it all over again Monday morning.

So, we thought, what a better way to start than by getting our very own posh coffee machine? It’s by far the most popular change we’ve made, both internally and for our guests.

Now, we drink posh coffees all day long.

Instant simply just wont cut it for the Maxtime team any more! Keep them double ristretto’s coming – we’ve still got plenty more software that needs developing…

We rejigged the rooms, opened up the spaces and injected each wall with their very own pop of colour.

One of the best things about our new space is that it enables the entire team to sit down together for lunch, giving us the time to get to know one another.

Which, is top priority for us right now as in the past year we’ve grown by 6 members of staff!

And when we’re not hard at work, you can be sure to catch us in our flashy new boardroom, with our 72inch totally OTT smart TV, chilling out to some Netflix and passing round the sweet and salted popcorn.

Thanks for coming on the tour with us! We hope that one day, you are one of the lucky individuals that will get to visit our very own new space.

But until then, we’ll have a Latte Maxiato waiting!