Maxtime’s Partnership with Select Lifestyles


Select Lifestyles are a provider of supported living services, residential homes and day centres. They provide inclusive and empowering services that maximise independence and promote equality.

Currently, Select Lifestyles operate across 16 sites throughout the West Midlands with over 300+ employees, with plans of expansion across the business within the next 18 months.

The need of a time and attendance tool became absolute when payroll issues continued to spiral out of control and grew beyond something they were able to monitor and adequately control in-house.

They had lost complete confidence in their paper based time-sheet system, as they knew that this method held little accuracy and was the primary cause of the payroll-related nightmares that they were unfortunately experiencing month after month.

Select Lifestyles needed a system that could not be subject to falsified or exaggerated entries, so that they would once again be in complete control of their monthly payroll.

With upcoming plans of expansion, the implementation of the Maxtime software quickly became their top priority business decision. So much so, that when asked, their only regret was not implementing the system sooner as they don’t like to think about the money they have unnecessarily lost; in the years before Maxtime and the biometric clocking machines were installed.


“We believe that other options did not come close to giving us the accuracy that Maxtime did.”

They chose Maxtime primarily due to the track record of the software, as well as the fact that they found the clocking system very easy and straight forward to use. This was a big bonus as it would be easily adopted by their workforce without causing too much business disruption.

“We actively began the move from time-sheets to Maxtime around mid- 2017 when our payroll costs were escalating month by month by an unsustainable amount.”

Select Lifestyles have been faultlessly using the software for 12 months now, and couldn’t be more impressed with the results they have experienced in such a short period of time following the initial implementation.

They felt that they had full confidence in the product, not only through other customer experiences but also due to the fact that the Maxtime team showed complete transparency and honesty in the sales process. They were most impressed by the fool-proof biometric clocking machines, as the inaccuracy in previous paper based time-sheets is what caused their payroll process to become beyond their control and what prompted them to undergo their much needed digital transformation.

Since using Maxtime they have experienced astoundingly accurate wage cost calculations, which in turn, has instantly ironed out and solved all their payroll issues.

The software simply wont allow, and cannot display inaccurate information. There is no chance of dishonest or tampered clocking data, it runs absolutely no risk of employees ‘buddy punching’. The software tracks and records all behaviours and they can now rest knowing that their staff is now and always will be paid to the actual time worked

“Ultimately the idea was to save money by accurately tracking staffing movements. It has however, improved punctuality and given us comfort that our staffing ratios and payroll figures are correct.”

Bespoke Business Reports

The main feature that the staff at Select Lifestyles use on the software is the comprehensive library of reports.

The software collects and stores all employee data in one centralised location. At the customers request, the data which is stored by Maxtime can be pulled through onto bespoke business reports to show exactly the data you need to successfully run your business.

These reports are created specifically for each of Maxtime’s customers by a member of the team, to ensure that you are using Maxtime to its fullest capabilities and for exactly what you require it to do.

As the reports are bespoke to each of our customers, there really is no limit to what the reports can show and how they can transform your business for you.

“Because the software is head office based we don’t have to spend time chasing time-sheets. Instead, thanks to the creation of our own bespoke report, we can have all the details which we used to have on time-sheets in the click of a button.” Les Trumpeter, Chairman at Select Lifestyles

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