Maxtime’s Partnership with Voyage Care


Voyage Care are the UK’s largest provider of residential and non-residential services.

Due to their passionate and superior service the organisation quickly developed a strong reputation for delivering high quality service to all it’s clients across the board, including their friends and families. Over the past 30 years they have continued to experience vast growth across the UK operating 400+ sites. 

They now support over 3,500 people with complex needs such as learning and physical disabilities, brain injuries and autism. 


In 2012 Voyage Care formed a partnership with Maxtime after experiencing continuous and ongoing issues with their payroll.

They undertook extensive and rigorous selection process for the right HR software provider for them, and after careful consideration they chose Maxtime due to the flexibility of the system and how straight forward they found it to operate.

“We selected Maxtime after extensive research in the market for an easy to use and flexible scheduling system.”

What they didn’t anticipate is all the other benefits they experienced after installing the system. One of which is the time savings that the Maxtime software delivered to them.

Since forming the partnership 6 years ago, they have saved countless hours spent on managing staff holiday accrual, forecasting labour costs and planning to a weekly hours budget.


Voyage Care were also attracted to Maxtimes extensive Reporting dashboard library, as they needed to report on the care delivered.

  • Lost time (Late in/Early out) Report – This highlights where staff have been losing minutes of service by arriving late or leaving early over a selected period of time. Where appropriate, repercussions can be distributed which ensures that the importance punctuality can be re-enforced. Creating a business which operates on accurate Time & Attendance ensures they are getting the most out of their workforce, every single day.
  • Sickness Report – An absence report can be configured in minutes, which identifies the type of illness and duration – which can in turn show any patterns or departments which are experiencing more so than others. They are now able to identify any problems early, which helps them stay within their allocated budget for sickness as any issues can be dealt with before they become costly for them.
  • Contract Compliance Report – This report helps them effortlessly establish that all their staff are being allocated their contracted weekly hours. This helps them manage their staff much more easily and accurately while always remaining within their weekly allocated budget.

“We found the software very easy to configure and has enabled our business to provide clear and accurate information on labour costs.” Zia Khan, Head of Business Systems

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