Maxtime launches the new Employee Self Service Platform (ESS)!

Our whole Maxtime team is celebrating today with the relaunch of our Employee Self Service! Your advice and feedback has been essential as we undertook the enormous task of remodelling our ESS platform – and we’re oh so thankful!

 All of our developers poured hours after hours of hard work to bring you this product update, where they were able to combine the original robust functionality with a brand new epic design to help you – our customers – get the most out of the ESS platform.

It really is the perfect way for your staff to stay organised, and we couldn’t be more elated to give them the power of accessing all their own personal details from one revamped, centralised location.

Making a bunch of improvements to our service and rolling out a brand new ESS platform is just the beginning of what’s to come for Maxtime’s customers…

 …But first, here’s a peek at a few changes we’re most excited about:

The Dashboard:

We’re eager for your employees to have all the tools they need to plan, track and monitorall their own holidays, punches and absences with our new feature-rich dashboard interface.

 It’s the one-stop-shop for an instant overview of all essential data. The dashboard is updated continuously, all based on your employees behaviours. It is fully extensible, and is designed with full responsive browser capabilities.

Visual Clarity:

Our innovative, premium and eye-catching design makes it that much easier for your employees to identify their overall usage and remaining allowances. The new ESS platform brings them to-the-second accurate data with improved calibration tools, optimised to provide greater robustness.

This update delivers a direct and visual experience, that is saturated with a wealth of information they need, available for them to access absolutely whenever they wish to do so.

Our MD says, “I honestly couldn’t be more proud of my team, the tremendous effort they each put in to make this happen and at the speed they achieved it was just incredible. We’re currently going through a re-brand, our website is due to re-launch and we’re continuously developing our software – so keep an eye out as we’ve got some great things coming up very soon!”

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