Maxtime’s Partnership with Select Healthcare Group


Select Healthcare Group is a family run business first established in the 1980’s, operating just one residential care home. Over the past three decades the company has experienced rapid and drastic growth, both organically and through acquisitions due to their reputable service and the quality care they provide.

With their demand continuously growing, in 2009 they decided that a more appropriate tool to manage their ever-expanding workforce was needed, which resulted in a partnership forming with Maxtime.


Maxtime was first piloted in one of their largest homes so they were able to truly gain a full understanding of the software’s capabilities and uncountable business benefits. 9 years on, and Maxtime has become a fundamental part of their business. They simply couldn’t conduct their day to day without it.

“We have now reached a stage where all our sites are using Maxtime. Moving from time sheets to Maxtime has saved an enormous amount of admin time for both Home Managers and for Payroll…”

The main concern for the company was gaining a better insight and understanding of their budget. They were conscious that their biggest outgoing were their employees’ wages, and they knew that implementing an accurate time and attendance system would give them complete control of their budget, helping them identify where they were overspending and were they were able to pull back and save the business on costs.

Working closely together, our software was completely configured to fit in with their specific business rules. Having numerus homes, sites and a growing workforce, their varying shifts and breaks across the multiple locations were difficult to manage and impossible to accurately monitor.

Since implementing Maxtime they have experience noticeable improvements in punctuality across the board, with little added effort from managerial staff. Time is no longer lost, and employee engagement is increasing with every day they are using the system. 

Select Cares’ benefits from forming a partnership with Maxtime:

·        Reduction in wages

·        Accurate attendance information

·        Sickness reports

·        Budget control

·        No more lateness

·        Increased visibility across the board


 “…Maxtime has cut our wage costs, while enabling us to have more control over what is our biggest expenditure.” Kamran Arshad, Payroll Manager

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